company overview

Built for Contractors, By Contractors

Southport general contractor and goTasker founder Frank Festini, the owner of Southport Construction, also has years of software development experience. And as he did his contracting work, he recognized that contractors didn’t have the digital tools to make their work easier and more efficient that many other industries do. The result is goTasker — an app that he describes as “Built for Contractors, By Contractors”.

“Of course, the big construction companies have been using tools like goTasker for years,” said Frank. “But I own a small business and I wanted to create a program that is easy to use and would be useful to not just myself but to other small contractors.”

Frank also is committed to building a goTasker community of contractors that can help one another succeed. So as a company, goTasker has a focus on the local community and is starting in Fairfield County, where Frank lives and works.