How to Retain Your Existing Clients and Keep Your Business Strong

goTasker member Bill Charney has nearly 20 years of experience running Advance Home Audio, a life safety equipment company based in Shelton, Connecticut. Despite recent industry wide challenges, he has been able to retain both his employees and his clients by making smart adjustments to his business. Here’s what he had to say:

“Businesses in our industry are in a good position because we’re essential. And as a tech company, it was an easy transition to get my staff working safely and remotely.”

Like many others, Bill is expecting a surge in business in Fairfield County, Connecticut later this year as many New Yorkers migrate from the city. In the meantime, he’s keeping his relationships with his existing clients strong by reaching out and helping in new ways.

“Even with the big impact on our business, our clients have been very loyal and we’re keeping in touch,” he said. “We normally install security, fire and life safety systems, but recently we’ve been helping our clients set up their home offices. This might become a new trend for the rest of the year.”

Learn more about building client relationships at “Tools for Construction Today,” a goTasker webinar on May 19 where industry experts like Bill will share their thoughts and experiences facing the current challenges of 2020.

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