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Construction Guidelines 4-7-2020 Executive Order 7V


From HBRA of CT

This evening, the Governor will be publishing Executive Order 7V. We expect it to include the following guidelines pertaining to construction site safety (thank you to Lisa Fecke and the Gaffney Bennett Team for obtaining this information prior to the publication of the new order):

  • clean portable bathrooms every 2 days
  • require employees to travel separately to and from the worksite
  • reschedule work to maximize work to be performed outdoors, limit indoor work or work lacking significant fresh air
  • shift work to limit the size of crews on the jobsites, especially indoors
  • rotate lunch and coffee breaks, require workers to follow CDC social distancing guidelines during meals or breaks
  • follow all safety and health protocols when using an elevator
  • provide an adequate supply of PPE including, masks, gloves and sanitizer

These guidelines are in line with the recommendations we have encouraged the Administration to consider. They are reasonable and manageable. We ask all members to follow them closely. 

Please know that the public is watching. In New York state the ‘essential’ status of the industry was revoked mere hours after it was reported that workers were showing up to the jobsite sick and not practicing social distancing. Please don’t let your jobsite be the reason our essential status is revoked in Connecticut.

You can see what is expected to be in the rest of the Executive Order by following this link.

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