Don’t Miss Out on the Digital Sales Trends of 2020

TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020 11:00 AM

Ed Rekos is a goTasker member with years of experience as the head of sales at Ridgefield Supply, a family run business in Ridgefield, Connecticut since 1883. With his unique perspective on sales, we asked him how his business is adapting to recent social conditions and what he has done to keep things moving. 

“This is going to leave long-lasting effects on our industry, but the measures we’re taking to stay in business will be a good thing in the long run,” he said. “This crisis is really solidifying our team as a family.” 

Like many others, Ed’s sales team is now working remotely and taking advantage of many online resources to further his business. His biggest challenge was adjusting his team to the digital approach, but he says it’s already more than paid off. 

“Because of the age difference, some of my team is adapting faster to the technology than others,” Ed said. “We all need to adapt—especially now—and although it was challenging at first it has been a huge positive for us.”

 Want to learn how Ed’s business took on digital sales services so quickly? Tune in to “Tools for Construction Today,” a goTasker webinar on May 19 where industry experts like Ed will share their thoughts and experiences facing the current challenges of 2020.

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