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Green Construction in CT

Green construction is a growing field in construction, as increasingly more buildings and plans are looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into the construction process. Green construction refers to the building of projects in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient way. It covers all stages of a project, from planning and design to construction, maintenance, and demolition.  

There are a number of features which can make a building ‘green’. These include: 

  • Efficient use of energy, water and other resources
  • Use of renewable energy, such as solar energy
  • Pollution and waste reduction measures, and the enabling of re-use and recycling
  • Good indoor environmental air quality
  • Use of materials that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable
  • Consideration of the environment in design, construction and operation
  • Consideration of the quality of life of occupants in design, construction and operation
  • A design that enables adaptation to a changing environment

The Green Building Council of CT Identifies the building sector as emitting up to 47% of greenhouse gas emissions in CT. However, with crumbling buildings and an expanding population, there is a clear need for more buildings. By constructing environmentally friendly buildings and focusing on longevity and sustainability, construction companies can create a win-win situation: a building that is both economically and environmentally efficient.  

Other green construction trends that are gaining traction in the industry include carbon scrubbing building facades, bricks made of recycled cigarette butts, thermally driven air conditioners and asphalt that will heal itself. These sustainable trends are only a fraction of the advancements being made in green construction and are surely here to stay in 2020. 

Fairfield County startup goTasker is working towards bringing awareness of green building codes and regulations to the generation of new business owners. Companies in the network such as Southport Construction, are green building certified and they will be holding events for ongoing education to the industry.