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How To Stay Connected With Your Clients During The Pandemic

With everything that’s happened recently, people are staying indoors and public gatherings are few and far between. So what’s your next move? Right now, it’s creating a digital presence and getting things done online.

A digital presence means putting details about yourself and/or your company on the internet and social media. It’ll let people see who you are, what you do and how you can help them. And with many of your clients browsing the internet from their homes, now is a great time to get started.

So you’re probably wondering: “where should I even begin?” Luckily for you, anyone can take advantage of the hundreds of online resources available to get in touch with clients. It’ll take some work, but hard work is what you always do. Here’s how you can get started RIGHT NOW to keep your clients interested.

Update your digital materials.

  • Take a look at everything you do to speak to your clients online. Is it enough? Especially now, you should be updating your hours of operation (if they’ve changed) and letting everyone know what you’re doing during the pandemic. Keep it consistent and stay out there!
  • Check up on your work portfolio too and get your website up to date. If you don’t have one, goTasker can have you showing off a personalized digital presence showcasing all your work in less than ten minutes! Learn more.

Use social media to keep in touch with clients.

  • Sign up for sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Create a profile for your business and use it to remind your clients/followers that you’re still open for business through thick and thin. Even with most people being indoors right now, there’s still a need for you and your services!
  • You can even reach your clients directly through social media messaging or with email services like MailChimp or ConstantContact. Write up announcements about what you’re doing during the pandemic and send them straight to your clients’ inbox—that way they’ll know you’re still looking out for them.
  • Use your online presence to ask for referrals to build your client base or offer coupons that clients can use when the pandemic is over. No matter what, keep your name out there and don’t let people forget who you are!

If you want to stay in business during this pandemic, it’s time to go digital. goTasker can help.

goTasker can put you in front of hundreds of users, help you with your content and more. Our members use our resources to learn from each other, grow their client base and more. Visit us online to get started.