Expert Architects Are Looking Ahead in 2020 – Learn Why

TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020 1:00 PM

goTasker member Jack Franzen has been an architect in Fairfield County, Connecticut since 1977 and has years of high-end residential work experience. As a veteran in the industry, we asked him to share his insights and predictions for the year to come. Here’s the positive outlook he offered for us: 

“Construction not being shut down in Connecticut is good news and my contractors are adjusting well. Later this year, I think there could be some new build work at homes as well—especially for home offices as detached or accessory buildings.” 

During our talk, Jack cited Connecticut’s open space and suburban towns as potential advantages over the density of cities. 

“The benefits of living in more rural, suburban areas are usually underestimated by a lot of people,” Jack said. “I think that recent events may be a revelation for many people and cause growth in some of the less-dense communities in Connecticut.” 

Learn more about Jack’s perspective at “Tools for Construction Today,” a goTasker webinar on May 19 where industry experts will share their thoughts and experiences facing the current challenges of 2020.

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