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Keeping Your Small Business Relevant During a Downturn

With the recent coronavirus outbreak causing uncertainty for small businesses across the country, now is a more important time than ever to assess your operations and create a plan to remain relevant to the clients you serve. The current limitations on the construction industry shouldn’t be viewed as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to grow your business through marketing initiatives, networking efforts and more. goTasker has all the details and useful resources to help you get started.

Shifting the Focus to Marketing

Up until now, most of your business efforts have probably gone toward the basics: providing a service to your clients in exchange for word-of-mouth promotion—and there’s nothing wrong with that! But by keeping most of your clients indoors (and potentially unavailable), the current coronavirus situation presents a unique opportunity to market your business effectively. Now is the time to:

  • Update all of your digital materials (website, portfolio, etc.)
  • Use free marketing options like social media to maintain your brand’s presence (Such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram)
  • Stay in touch with your clients via social media
  • Dedicate resources toward building an online presence if you don’t have one already

Build your brand, take advantage of any free marketing channels available to you and stay present in your clients’ lives as a reliable provider of services through thick and thin. And if you don’t have a website, don’t worry! Join the goTasker community today and get access to a customized portfolio of your own. You’ll create an online presence and help your business rank better in search engines in no time and become more accessible to the clients who need you most.

Network, Network, Network

Remember: your business isn’t the only one facing the current industry-wide decline. Every business—in and out of the construction industry—is evaluating the situation and preparing a strategy to continue their operations. You should do the same, but have you ever thought of taking a page from the book of your competitors? With the current economic downturn, you should:

  • Get in touch with businesses like yours or create a LinkedIn account
  • Learn how similar businesses are handling the situation
  • Apply what you learn to your own business and share your thoughts with potential partners

Most importantly, know that all of us at goTasker are here for you. We’re more than just a convenient app—we’re a community of contractors and professionals dedicated to doing the job right. And by joining the goTasker community, you’ll have easy access to contact information, resources and best practices offered by industry professionals throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut and beyond. When the dust settles, you’ll be ready to share your new knowledge with clients and may even have a few new partners who you’ve networked with!

Wrapping Up

Take the coronavirus outbreak (or any economic downturn, for that matter) as a signal to evaluate how you are reaching your clients and whether you can be more efficient. A world of opportunity is waiting for you, and all it takes is an updated digital presence and the right friends in your industry.

Reach out to us at goTasker to get started.