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Life Without a Handshake

Growing up with and old-school father, I was taught at a young age that your handshake is much more than, well, just a handshake.

It represents who you are! It can say so much about your personality!

I was told a handshake should be firm, but not too hard. Put your hand out first to show respect and always stand up to shake an elder’s hand. It’s also a reflection of your family values and that your father taught you manners.

Many tradesmen have taken the handshake to also represent who they are and what they stand for as business owners. In our industry, a handshake often overrides even the words of a contract—or that a contract wasn’t even needed.

This recent pandemic has changed everything. People are afraid to get close to each other, never mind a handshake!

How are we going to “handshake” and express the values important to us in the new world to come?

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Frank Festini