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Setting Up Your goTasker Profile

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to showing off your construction projects, the saying is true.  

How so? When new potential customers, contractors, architects, and designers are looking to find new service companies for their upcoming projects, the first thing they do is look for pictures of your work online. 

You worked hard and take pride in the work you did. Don’t keep photos of it trapped in your phone album. Showcasing it online should now be your top priority. 

This is where goTasker is your best tool. As a member, you receive a search-engine optimized online website dedicated to showcasing just your company. Your company profile will look professional, reflect the quality of your work, and make it easy for someone to contact you. 

Setting it up takes less than 2 minutes. Just log in, upload your photos, and let your photos speak for themselves!

Watch the short video below to set up now