How Connecticut Home Builders Are Getting More Business in 2020

TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020 1:30 PM

Walter Cromwell of Country Club Homes—based in Wilton, Connecticut—has been in the home-buildiing industry for over 50 years. To deal with recent challenges, he made safe and smart adjustments to his business that have significantly increased his clients’ interest. 

When we sat down (virtually) with Walter, he told us about some of the changes he made to his business to ensure it continues to run smoothly. 

“We now require masks, social distancing, limiting the amount of workers on job sites and have even started installing wash stations,” he said. 

With his long-time experience in the home-building industry, Walter has also seen his fair share of economic downturns. He has been able to weather these storms by utilizing technology like goTasker. Keeping the business moving with the right management tools is critical for his teams and ultimately their client success. 

“I was amazed to see that one of my houses with minimal showings suddenly had five in just one week!” Walter said. 

Learn how you can get more business like Walter at “Tools for Construction Today,” a goTasker webinar on May 19 where industry experts will share their thoughts and experiences facing the current challenges of 2020.

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