How do I sign-up for gotasker?

  • You can choose your subscription level by going to
  • Click, “business owner”. You will be prompted to enter your credit card and company details.
  • Upon submission, you will then be part of the gotasker network.

How do I know when I get a job request from gotasker?

  • When you receive a job request on gotasker, you will receive a notification in your gotasker dashboard.
  • You will be able to see the client name, address, request description, etc.

How do I login to my account?

How do I upload my company information to the network?

  • Upon selecting your subscription level, you will receive an email with a template to be completed by you. We ask that you complete the company profile form including a description of your company and the services your company provides. Please also include any relevant photos you would like to appear on your company profile page.
  • Once you are in the app, you can change company information in the “profile” tab.

How do I add a customer, subcontractor, organization, or technician as a contact?

  • To add a contact to your organization, you can send them a connection invite from the “contacts” tab. You will need their name and email in order for them to receive your invite.
  • Once you are connected, they will always be in your contacts.

How do I find subcontractors/organizations in the network?

  • You can explore our network of gotasker pro’s by ‘broadcasting’ your service to another member of the network. You can do this by signing in and then selecting the broadcast tab.